(Light ball enchanced) Pikachu is a special section about the pokemon Pikachu holding its signature item the Light Ball.

About the Light BallEdit

The Light ball is pikachu's signature item. It can be found on wild Pikachu. When a female Pikachu breeds holding a light ball, the offspring Pichu will know the move Volt Tackle its signature move. Outside of breeding the Light Ball has a Pikachu-only effect when held it doubles Pikachu's Sp. Attack and since Generation IV it's Attack also. Increasing Pikachu's offensive capabilities above even its evolved form .

Pikachu's New StatsEdit

While holding the Light Ball Pikachu's Base Stats change:

HP: 35

Attack: 110

Defense: 30

Sp. Attack: 100

Sp. Defense: 40

Speed: 90

Total: 405


  • Red the strongest trainer in any game (outside of the Battle Frontier) strongest pokemon is a Light Ball enchanced Pikachu at level 88.
  • Despite its very high Attack and Sp. Attack Pikachu still has very low defenses making it very easy to K.O. however its still considered very threatning.
  • In all games where a wild Pikachu can hold Light Ball theres a 5% chance of finding it.