Ivysaur the

Seed pokemon is #002 in the pokedex. It is the evolved formed of Bulbasaur and evolves into Venasaur at level 32.

Apearance Edit

Ivysaur shares many traits with its prevolution Bulbasaur except larger. In fact one of the few diiffrences is that the bulb has bloomed into a bud with 4 leaves sprouted out of it. Other than that it shares its body type, color, and facial features though slighly more pronounced.

Abilities Edit

Like other grass starters it has the ability Overgrow. It is said that when its aroma gets stronger the bud's blooming is near.

Info Edit

Type: Grass/Poison

Height: 3'03ft

Weight: 28.7lbs

Color: Green

Gender Ratio: 12.5% female, 87.5% male

Stats Edit

HP: 60

Attack: 62

Defense: 63

Sp. Attack: 80

Sp. Defense:80

Speed: 60

Total: 405

Pokelathon Stats Edit

Speed 2/2 Power 2/3 Skill 2/4 Stamina 4/5 Jump 3/3

Weaknesses and Resistances Edit

Normal1x Fire2x Water0.5x Electric0.5x Grass0.25x Ice2x Fighting0.5x Poison1x Ground1x Flying2x Psychic2x Bug1x Rock1x Ghost1x Dragon1x Steel1x

Moveset Edit

lv1 Tackle

lv3 Growl

lv7 Leech Seed

lv9 Vine Whip

lv13 Sleep Powder/Poison Powder

lv15 Take Down

lv20 Razor Leaf

lv23 Sweet Scent

lv28 Growth

lv31 Double Edge

lv36 Worry Seed

lv39 Synthesis

lv44 Solarbeam

TM/HM Edit

Tm06 Toxic

Tm09 Venom Shock

Tm10 Hidden Power

Tm11 Sunny Day

Tm16 Light Screen

Tm17 Protect

Tm20 Safeguard

Tm21 Fustration

Tm22 Solarbeam

Tm27 Return

Tm32 Double Team

Tm36 Sludge Bomb

Tm42 Facade

Tm44 Rest

Tm45 Attract

Tm48 Sing a Round

Tm49 Echo Voice

Tm53 Energy Ball

Tm70 Flash

Tm75 Sword Dance

Tm86 Grass Knot

Tm87 Swwagger

Tm90 Substitute

Tm94 Rock Smash

Hm01 Cut

Hm04 Strength

Breeding Moves Edit

Skull Bash, Charm, Petal Dance, Magical Leaf, Grasswhistle, Curse, Ingrain, Nature Power, Amnesia, Leaf Storm, Power Whip, Sludge, Endure, Giga Drain.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the first evovled pokemon in the national dex.
  • It is the only second stage grass poison pokemon that doesnt need an evolutionary stone to evolve.
  • As of now it is the only second stage grass starter with a secondary type.
  • It is the only Generation I pokemon that names begins with I: Ivysaur.
  • Its name is a combination of Ivy and dinosaur.